Internal Audit

Internal Audit in CAMBODIA

Internal controls are a crucial aspect of every corporation to maintain stability, reliability, and to prevent any suspicious activities. Hence, it is necessary for a company to have a reliable, independent entity to constantly analyze its operations, and proactively seek to maintain the company’s integrity. One of the most efficient ways to insure a company against such risks is to perform regular internal audits.


Doing Business in Cambodia employees have reliable professional and educational backgrounds, with indepth experience in internal auditing, specifically tailored to the Cambodia system. Our staff comprises Certified Auditors and Certified Public Accountants, which allows us to perform constant, rigorous controls at our customers’ companies via internal audit in Cambodia. Furthermore, by performing internal auditing for our clients in Cambodia, we enhance the governance process and levels of control of the company over its operations. This ability is constantly demonstrated in the improvement of our clients’ operational organization and risk-management effectiveness.


With the help of Doing Business in Cambodia’s professionals, our clients are offered expert service for internal audit in Cambodia.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.