Payroll Services

Keeping up with the payroll & labor code rules is at times a headache for businesses. It is also one of the main barriers between a good employee and employer. With a lot of labour rules to consider and varied government forms to submit, payroll processing in Malaysia is nothing less than a daunting task. To save you from all the hassles, Establish Malaysia is here to take care of all your payroll related issues with its reliable Payroll Services in Malaysia. From computing salaries & bonus, calculating compensations to others, we are here to help you through each of the issues when it comes to payroll processing.


Our Payroll Services Includes:


  • Calculation of basic salaries
  • Computing overtime pays, night differentials, rest day & holiday pays
  • Calculating employee leaves
  • Computation of 13th month pay and other bonuses and benefits
  • Keeping track of available leave balances
  • Calculating WTAX, Annual Tax, Final Tax, Fringe Benefit Tax and other taxes applicable to the employees
  • Computation of loans and other employee deductions
  • Preparation of Monthly, Quarterly and Annual government forms and other reports including SSS Form R5, SSS R3 with data file, SSS ML1, SSS ML2 with data file, and BIR Form etc.


How it all works?


At Establish Malaysia, we follow a straight forward approach in rendering payroll services to our clients based in Malaysia and outside the country. Here is a basic illustration of how our payroll services works:


  • We gather the time sheet & other payroll related documents of your employees
  • We thoroughly review & check all the documents before recording them in our system
  • We will then compute all the earnings and deductions
  • At last, we finally review the computed payroll & create the final reports to be submitted
We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.